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RevHD Wheel Seals

Rev Max Wheel Seal
Our premium wheel seal which uses HNBR  and comes with a 3-year warranty
Rev 1 Wheel Seal
Our standard wheel seal which uses NBR and comes with a 1-year warranty
Equivalent to:
National Gold 38000 series
Stemco Discover
SKF Extreme
Equivalent to:
National 37000 series
Stemco Voyager
SKF Scot Seal
  • Can be used with oil or grease hubs
  • Can be installed with any flat instrument
  • Have a unique Flex Design to help prevent cocked seals
  • The top plate protects the seal from impact & brake heat
  • Wider ID & OD for greater contact coverage 
  • Free tube of Seal Extend in every box
  • Built for off-road and other Severe Duty applications 
  • More internal sealing points
  • Seal lips run on a polished surface
  • Packaged for longer shelf life

Flex Seal™

Unique Flex Design helps prevent cocked seals during installing which is one of the primary sources of early seal failures on commercial vehicles.

The Top of the Seal is the Tool

No need to worry if you have the right tool. No need to stock multiple tools. Use any flat object.  Note: if using a seal installer, flip the plate over to the flat side.
Flip the tool plate over to the flat side.

Wider is Better

Wider Thicker.jpg
RevHD seals offer a wider O.D. and a wider I.D.  providing more surface contact area for both the
hub bore and the spindle shoulder. In addition, our seals have more internal sealing points.

In the Box

Free tube of Seal Extend in every box. This proprietary formula causes the seal to swell after installation, and fill in any imperfections on the hub bore and spindle shoulder.
Seal Extend MSDS Sheet

Get Certified!


Our free online training course is not only  informative, but earns you an extended warranty that covers your brakes!

RevHD Seals vs. Everyone Else

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See What Makes Us Different

Wheel Seal Interchange

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