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Wheel Seal Comparisons

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12 Reasons to switch to RevHD

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The top plate of the RevHD seal is the tool.  No need to worry if you have the right tool. No need to stock multiple tools. Use any flat object.  Note: if using a seal installer, flip the plate over to the flat side.
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1. Installed by any method of your choosing

Flip Tool Plate to Flat Side
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2. No-Questions-Asked Warranty that extends to the Brakes!

3 Year Warranty with
Brake Coverage
If the Rev Max seal leaks within the first 3 years, RevHD will cover the seal along with the cost of the customer's next brake kit!
NOTE: For our 1 and 3 year warranties to extend to the brakes, we ask that shop technicians take and pass our FREE online wheel-end training course.
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1 Year Warranty with
Brake Coverage
If the Rev 1 seal leaks within the first year, RevHD will cover the seal along with the cost of the customer's next brake kit!
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3. Unique Flex Design helps prevent cocked seals

The #1 leading cause of  premature seal failure is a cocked seal. Often the seal is cocked while docking the hub.  RevHD’s unique flex design allows the I.D. of the seal to move with the hub while docking.

Flex Seal™

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4.  FREE Tube of Seal Extend in every box

Included in every box is our special formulated Seal Extend that works directly with the rubber on the seal causing it to expand, filling in imperfections on both the hub bore and the spindle shoulder.  It provides an additional barrier against future leaks. The formula begins to react 15 minutes after application.  For this reason, we recommend placing it on the O.D. of the seal and on the spindle shoulder - where it will make contact with the I.D., but not until you are ready for it to start working.
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5. Heavier Construction with Wider O.D. and Wider I.D.

Wider Thicker.jpg
RevHD seals offer a wider O.D. and a wider I.D; providing more surface contact area to cover both the hub bore and the spindle shoulder. In addition, our seals have more internal sealing points.
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6. Template on Back of the Box

On the back of each seal box is a tool that holds semi-fluid / synthetic grease in place and shows the correct fill level for the hub you are working on.

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Everyone knows exactly what seal they need with RevHD. Reduces lost time and errors in crossing or delivering the wrong parts.  

S = Steer

D = Drive

T =  Trailer

Rev Max Seal





R1 = REV 1


Cross reference right on the box

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8. All seals are the same price!

  • You don't pay more for the drive, steer, or obsolete seals

  • Easier to quote - Easier to keep track of total cost per wheel end

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Box Tops collected from RevHD products can be redeemed for Tools, Hats, Jackets, and other merchandise!
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10. Warranty covers off-road applications

Other seal manufacturers void warranties on equipment that travels off-road - even if just part-time.  RevHD seals are designed to handle the rigors of off-road.  If you are an off-road fleet, our seal is designed specifically for you.
RevHD Off Road.jpg
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11. Packaged for longer shelf life

RevHD Packaging.jpg
Some seal failures occur due to damage that occurred before the seal was ever removed from the box.  Often this type of damage goes unnoticed, and the seal is installed only to come back leaking soon after.

RevHD seals are packaged in a thicker box, engineered to protect the seal. Additionally, all RevHD seals are wrapped in plastic. This helps prevent dry rotting and contamination.
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12. More than 75 Years of Wheel Seal Experience 

RevHD, LLC was established by former seal manufacturing employees who partnered to develop a Better Seal, with a Better Warranty, at a Better Price.  

We do all our own manufacturing. We are a family company, committed to an “old-school” philosophy of customer service and customer loyalty.  We stand behind our seals completely.  And we offer the only no-questions-asked warranty in the industry.  We will warranty our seal no matter the cause of failure – even technician error.

See What Makes Us Different

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