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Designed to reduce installation errors and premature failures

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Flip tool plate to flat side
The top plate of the RevHD seal is the tool
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Unique Flex Design helps prevent cocked seals
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The only off-road warranty
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  RevHD seals offer a wider O.D. and a wider I.D; providing more surface contact area for both the hub bore and the spindle shoulder. In addition, our seals have more internal sealing points.
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FREE Online Training

Successful completion earns a warranty that includes your brakes!

     With the only warranty that extends to off-road vehicles, RevHD brings revolutionary improvements to the heavy duty truck wheel seal and hubcap. Our No-Questions-Asked warranty even includes your brakes if the service techs take and pass our FREE 30-minute online training course.  Reducing your downtime, boosting your performance, and moving you toward a healthier bottom line... that's the RevHD way!


75+ years of culminated wheel seal component technology and experience go into every product.

   RevHD was established by former Stemco and National employees who partnered to develop the first severe duty wheel seal.  RevHD products are designed to reduce installation errors as well as perform better with off-road equipment, older equipment, and heavier loads.

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3 Year Warranty
1 Year Warranty
With Heat Check Sensor
PSI Tire inflation
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Our steel top plate allows the use of any flat installation tool without damaging the seal.


Our Flex Design is uniquely engineered to help prevent failures due to cocked seals.

Our included Seal Bond adds an extra layer of protection by causing the rubber to expand - filling imperfections and creating a tighter fit.


All seals are the same price. 

You NEVER pay more for the Drive or Steer seals.


Our hassle free, no-questions-asked warranty provides piece of mind.


We will never turn down a warranty for any reason – including technician error.


And, if your shop takes our FREE online training course, our no-questions-asked warranty extends to the brakes.